How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Early-Stage Investment

With a focus on early-stage investments, Elysium Venture Capital provides the first check to many of its portfolio companies. We partner early on with startups that have innovative concepts to help them realize the disruptive potential of their technologies.

Growth-Stage Investment

We help founders ensure that their growth-stage companies are maintaining strong key performance indicators and their financial metrics are in good shape so that they are primed for raising capital in the later stages of fundraising.

When they are ready to raise more capital, we help connect our portfolio companies with the growth and late-stage investors in our network.

Business Development

We work closely with our portfolio teams to achieve suitable go-to-market strategies for their products. We focus on helping with recruiting sales and marketing leads, and further down the road, we also help with finding loyal customers and synergistic investors.

Marketing and Earned Media

Elysium is well equipped to support the marketing needs of its portfolio companies with our own public relations subsidiary, Elysium PR, which helps our startups build media presence in the United States, the European Union, and Asia. Our background in international markets allows us to know how to properly disseminate news through the appropriate channels to maximize publicity and exposure for our portfolio companies.


Elysium fully dedicates the resources we have to help our early-stage portfolio companies succeed to the greatest degree. We provide access to essential support services such as top-tier legal firms and CPA/accounting firms, and we never hesitate to take the time to provide practical, actionable advice from our seasoned and experienced partners.

For our late-stage portfolio companies, we introduce them to our closely linked investor base, which includes investment banks, sector-specific venture capital firms, and angel groups, to allow them to quickly close financing during their $100M–$1B valuation rounds and to plan for future rounds of fundraising.

Global Expansion

Elysium helps portfolio companies find opportunities for international growth by leveraging its vast corporate network in Europe, Asia and the United States. We maintain connections with industry leaders across the world so that our portfolio companies can have access to supportive, synergistic corporate partners that can help them properly expand into international markets.

Additionally, because we maintain extensive connections with other VC firms and investment groups in Asia and Europe, we can help startups raise the funding they need when trying to enter international markets.


Elysium leverages its network of startup communities, leading engineering groups, and universities in the heart of Silicon Valley and across the world to provide early-stage startups with an expansive talent pool for recruitment and expert industry knowledge.

Our technical partners share decades of industry experience and know how to build software companies from the ground up.

We assist our founders with recruiting talented individuals when they need to scale up their businesses and are always ready to provide advice, whether it be technical or strategic.


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